Friday, 21 October 2011

Wood mounted stamps..

As with other stuff, postal rates at whatever they cost will apply.  Email me through the link on the right and I'll work it out! Paypal preferred but not essential!
Papermania 3.5" square  £1.00
D.O. 3 x 2.5"  £1.00
Hobby Art 5 x 1.25" £2.00
Hero Arts set: each 4 x 1"  £4.00/set
Hero Arts set: each 4" x 1"  £4.00/set

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Newly forsaken...

I've been procrastinating.  And the most productive way to do that is to tidy up a usual, postal costs will apply to these, email through the link and I'll get the cost of postage worked out for you.  Paypal preferred but not a necessity!
Provocraft: Party 3 x 3" die £1.50
Provocraft: Cute  Baby 3 x 3" die £1.50
Provocraft: Wedding: 3 x 3" die £1.50
Provocraft: Paisley dies set: 2 x 2" £2.00
Provocraft: stained glass die 2x2"  £1.00
Provocraft: Celebration cake: dies set: 2 x 2" £2.00
Provocraft: celebration die set , each 2 x 2" £4.00
Provocraft die 5.75" x 4.25"  £3.00

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Some seasonal loved & used...

As always, postage applies...I'm posting and then asking for the total.payment - unless you order a huge amount then I'll let you know first! can mix stuff from any blog entry - as it sells the pictures are being removed.  So if it's on the blog,it's still for sale.

2"/50cm high decorated pegs  £1.00
85mm/3.25" square wood mount  £2.00
25mm/1" square wood mount £1.00
65mm/2.25" square wood mount solid  £1.00
50mm/2" square outline image, no dots!  50p

Friday, 23 September 2011

Snap up a bargain!

OK, in clearing up and sorting the old workroom a little, I've come across the following stash, once loved and now forsaken.  So it's all for sale.
Postal rates will apply - if you indicate your desires, I'll let you know what the postal cost will be..there won't be packing or handling charges, just whatever it costs.
Basic Grey : on an A6 backing sheet

Hero Arts , characters just under 1"   £2.00

Crafthouse Press  3.5" U/m on foam £1.00

A5 sheet  £3.

Do understand that with the odd exception, these things have been used.  They still work/are useable, in some cases very ink stained depending on amount of use, but not damaged in terms of image reproduction.
Email through the side bar link.