Sunday, 8 April 2018

Stamps for sale..the first wave...

The following rubber stamps are for sale. Each of them is £2 sterling. This price does not include postage at cost. If it will help, I will remove the stamps from the mount in order to post them more cost efficiently. (It will quite literally be a removal, no cleaning up or replacing of foam etc). No problem to post overseas.
Stamps are numbered; if you want to buy any, please refer to the number when you ask for them. If I'm in any doubt, I'll double check  with you!

The photos were taken against my glass cutting mat, the grid of which is in 1" squares. Any questions, please ask!

Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Dies for sale

I have a bunch of Quickutz dies to sell. I cut all of them to create an index on each one, using my Big Shot. You can get 8 on a plate a time, fortunately! For 99% of these dies, my cutting them for indexing was the first time they've been used. All of the dies have ejection foam and there are enough stick on shims to send a few with any that you buy. Likewise, multiple dies purchases or collections will come in their storage sheets, in some cases they will be in the ring binders. 

Prices are shown per collection or per die and in £ sterling. Postage is not shown, but will be charged at cost. I haven't shown postage because at these prices, I'm hoping that you will buy more than one! Paypal for payments only. These dies form part of an Estate sale, I don't have permission to split sets unless they are actually not sets, iykwim!

Also, please note that I don't have any form of reference, and so have applied my own names to alphabets etc for ease of identification.
Number Set ONE £15

Number Set TWO £15

Combined Alpha MARY £20

Lower case Alpha TRACEY £20

Number set KARLY £15
Buy upper, lower and numbers for £45
Lower case KARLY £20
Buy upper, lower and numbers for £45
Upper case KARLY £20
Buy upper, lower and numbers for £45

Upper case alpha JILLY has to be sold with Lower case JILLY because the YyZz are on the same die
£35 for both

Lower case JILLY see notes for Upper case, note there are NOT two YyZz dies

Upper, Lower, Numbers ANGIE full set £45

Lower case SANDRA £20
Buy upper, lower and numbers for £45

Number set SANDRA £15
Buy upper, lower and numbers for £45

Individual dies £2 each

Bottlecap set £10

Cityscape set £8

Flourish set £8

Nativity set £12

Individual dies £2 each, pairs £4

Pairs £4 trio £6

Pairs £4 Set £8

Row 1 £8, Row 2&3 set £12, Pairs £4, bottom row £8

Christmas set only £12, Tags set £12 or £2 each

Fairytale set £8 
Church pair £4

Santa face set £5

reindeer set £5

Individual dies £2 each

Individual dies £2 each, Note 18a and b shown apart but are a pair!

Individual dies £2 each

Ladybird set £4

Frog set £4

Garden/Orchard £2 each

Embossing folders £2 each

Picnic set £10 

Drinks set £12 or individually £2 each

Pocket Watch set £6

TV Lamp and shade £2 each or set £5

Fishing set £5 or £2 each

Race car, scooter, car, plane set £15

Princess set £12

Hats and Shoes set £6

Medical set £6 

Present set £4

Animal set £10
Stay tuned. I will upload some wood mounted stamps soon too. If you want anything, contact me through the link in the sidebar, or through, if all else fails!